Saturday, January 21, 2006

About Your US Loan Advisor

US Loan Advisor offers a free, no obligation service to our customer that will help you find the very best broker, lender, and loan program to suit your circumstances. We also offer services that can help you gain knowledge and understanding of the home loan process. Whatever they may be. Your privacy is of great importance as is the protection of your information. Our privacy statement is able to be accessed by the link above.

It is a great thing that you have come to this site. It is our goal to make you 100% satisfied with our free service provided. We ask that you pay special attention to the processes that must be followed in order to insure that you receive the best estate loan for your circumstances. It is important that you understand the questions that you will be asked through out the mortgage loan process. You can find a basic terminology glossary and also real estate investment tutorials by simply clicking on the tutorials and glossary link above.

There are many points through out the process of receiving a home loan, whether it is a new home loan, refinance, or home equity loan, where the loan customer is at a huge risk. A loan officer has the ability to cost a customer tens of thousands of dollars through out the years of loan payoff just to add a few hundred extra dollars to his pocket at closing. Simply put… By increasing the loan interest rate the slightest part of a percent, the broker that is handling your loan may make a little money and cost you a lot. will make it easy to give surety that you are paying the minimum dollar amount at payoff that your particular circumstance and credit score can provide. We will help you find the best mortgage broker or lender for your circumstances and then will be here to provide you with assistance moving through the process.

A good mortgage broker can save a customer thousands of dollars and usually receives great satisfaction from doing so. A good mortgage broker can do things for a customer that no one else can do. Working with your credit history, job history, property value, and multiple other factors, a broker may go to great lengths to find the best loan for you, but the best mortgage broker will do it fast and efficiently.

We have already done the loan research for you. Our team of loan advisors are not mortgage brokers at current, but have many years of combined experience in the field. The service that we offer is completely free to those who will get a loan, but may easily cost a mortgage scam professional thousands. US Loan Advisors are here to protect the American home buyer.

We are here to protect and to guide you. Please feel free to contact us with the link above anytime you have questions. We will post answers to popular questions in our tutorials.

To begin the process of receiving information, please fill out your contact information and also tell us about the type of loan that you may be interested in (CLICK HERE). Please search through our tutorials and at any time feel free to contact us through the link above.
We ask that people who use our service contact us and help us further improve the quality of loan service that we provide. We are here to make changes and they need to be documented.

The staff of US Loan Advisor

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

If you want to work with mortgage brokers and other real estate professionals then you must check out this site. The site is filled with valuable information on all of the processes that go into real estate investing. The BEST way to make money in real estate is to know as much as possible. Check it out for yourself.

Save your money

The information that is needed to avoid fraudulant loans and charges is actually all around us. The problem is that nobody really ties it all together into 1 lump sum. The process is actually rather simple and high school drop-outs are running the show. To be a loan officer you don't need a high school diploma and if the customer is unwilling to educate themself on the loan process even the brightest of people can be fooled into getting a loan at a price far above the market. How is it done? It is simple.... Add just 20 bucks to everyone of the small fees that come with lending. With enough small fees this really adds up. (I recently saw a charge of 60 dollars for shipping paper to a title company. To make it worse the mortgage company and the title company are owned by the same person and are less than 200 feet apart) Another trick is to tell you that your interest rate will be just the slightest bit more than previously thought. The trick comes in when they don't tell you until the closing day. Most investors or first time home buyers are so tired and irritated with the process by closing day that they will do anything just to get it over with. By adding just a small part of a percent to your interest rate the loan officer may recieve an addition to his income of a few hundred dollars but at the same time increase the amount of money paid by the customer over the life of the loan by thousands. For more informative tips please follow the links found on this site and also visit The more that you educate yourself on the process, the better off you will be.

Monday, January 02, 2006


What could you do with an extra $100 per month? What about $200 or $1000? By refinancing your home, you can lower your monthly payments, consolidate dept, or pull a large lump sum of cash right out of your home. Would you like to eliminate high credit card interest debts??? How about start a college fund for your kids??? To learn more please follow the link below to your US Loan Advisor. We can help you find what you need and will be here to protect you from any mortgage fraud scheme.

Sunday, January 01, 2006


Owning a home is like owning a bank. Every penny that you put towards rent is thrown away.....
Like most of Americans all you may have heard about is the complications that come with owning a home. is a new service being provided. Our service is to take the fear out of home buying and the mortgage profession. Lenders can be forced to go to the very lowest by threatening their business with knowledge. WE WILL DO THAT FOR YOU. US Loan Advisor is here to protect the American wanting to purchase a home, refinance, or receive a home equity line of credit. Let us prove ourselves to you. Provide us with just enough information to get in contact with you and we will begin a long lasting relationship of money making and money saving.
NO LONGER will the consumer be at the disadvantage.

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